Why dental insurance policy is not always the right policy?

Why dental insurance policy is not always the right policy?


For starters, dental insurance seems like a very good option to them. However, popular blogs like the Smart Money have come out clearly to criticize the plans under the dental insurance stating that they are poor and cover only a very small portion. To validate that, they have gone a step further to suggest looking into dental price clubs which in most cases offer discounts.

Advantages of the dental price clubs

  • They offer a comprehensive coverage.
  • They also offer discounted prices to their consumers.
  • They have very low rates.

Therefore, rather than wasting your money with the dental insurance policy, you may want to consider this option.

Dental insurance flaws

The problem with most cheap dental insurance policies is that their coverage is poor. Well, the rates may be low plus the cost of two yearly checkups covered. But the fact remains that payouts on most plans are still very high. In most cases, they will fall between $1,000 and $2,000.

If you compare the best dental insurance policy and the discounted policy in terms of the procedures, they are about the same price. However, this is only the case if it is for the first time.

nonetheless, the yearly maximums may have been quickly met with the insurance making the discount plans a lot more convenient since it means that you would have saved more money thus making it possible to receive multiple procedures in just one year.

Discounted dental care plans

There are some discounted dental plans out there that are very convenient to the consumer and given that the annual pay outs to the dental plans is still high. It would only make sense noting that dental plans are not the best dental insurance policies.

Therefore, you will have to consider some of the dental price clubs since they offer convenience and low-costs to the consumers. They offer their services at an in-between cost of $75 and $150 annually. More to that, they will offer you with the pre-negotiated lower rates.


The cheapest dental insurance plan may sound the best and a lot more convincing but as it is the case, they are not. If you would consider the discounted plans, you would be able to save a lot in a given year which makes them a lot more flexible and convenient to most people.

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